Cloud Torrenting

So what is cloud Torrenting? It’s the service that lets you download, transfer, save or copy files that exist in a Torrent swarm to either directly download, or save to a cloud drive, all working in the ‘cloud’ , or Internet servers independently of your personal counter and/or Internet connection.

This service allows you to specify which torrent you want, by either of three ways:

  • Torrent file, a file with extension .torrent
  • A magnet link, which starts what looks like an URL: “magnet:”
  • A hashid, which is the unique identifier of the torrent.

We support all methods, and we add three other ways:

  • A URL which points to a torrent file
  • A URL which has torrent files or magnet links in it.
  • An RSS link, which is parsed for torrent files and magnet links

Our service then downloads the torrent files and makes it available to download via web, or is transferred to your cloud drive. This all is being done on our servers. and you can even disconnect or shutdown your computer or mobile. You can later retrieve the files anytime you want.

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