OneDrive Upload Problems

We have identified a problem where OneDrive’s cloud is refusing to acknowledge some big file uploads through it’s BITS mechanism. This is not a problem with our server, our uploads WERE working correctly, but now something was changed in OneDrive that broke this. They have not acknowledged this problem.

So please bear with us while we implement a workaround so onedrive uploads work correctly. We will update when it’s working as expected.

Edit: Workaround has been implemented. For the moment transfers to Onedrive do not update their progress until they are finished, which changes status to ‘Transferred’.

If you have any problems still with OneDrive, or with any other cloud, please contact support.

Download FROM Mega

Well, sure, we canĀ upload to, fill it up, and it works great…

But what if I need to DOWNLOAD from


Well, sure, it’s a web page, but Mega uses a special encryption mechanism in javascript, so it has to be processed. Well, luckily, there are libraries for that..

So we went ahead and configured it: If you paste a link as a ‘Web Url’, it will now transfer them and upload it to your configured cloud… all automatically.

Please test it out, and send us comments…

Just a thing, we do not report a progress report, but it is downloading… Just wait for it… If it takes TOO long, send us a message and we’ll look into it.