On Throttling and Data Limits

So the first thing to understand is that bandwidth is a limited resource. “Unlimited” is no way near “Infinite”! All servers have a strictly defined maximum transfer speed, but, that is not the only bottleneck which may affect how much time a transfer takes. Speed disk, server load, CPU even computer buses and architecture!

So how do we sort all this out? How do we know someone has decided to limit you and your eagerly awaited download? We know, it is complex and confusing!

Our pledge is this: WE don’t apply throttling to bandwidth or speeds. But we cannot assure others do place some speed bumps. We have battled with this on several cloud providers.

We recently have a case of even Google Drive limiting speeds to uploads! Users saw their transfers slowed down so much, it appears stuck in 0%! It seems that collectively users have uploaded so much we appear to have run into an automatic wall! When we tested the same in other servers, the uploads went right through! We are still testing and investigating this issue…

Also, some others clouds have either a speed limit, or put up a limit after some uploads have gone through ( *cough* *pCloud* )…

Downloading also have problems: Torrents not well seeded, or the seeds have stretch out so thin that they give very few speed to those connected. We know it’s not a limit in our servers: We sometimes get some torrents that are so well seeded, with so much bandwidth it takes the full server bandwidth at a time! Even internet web servers have speed limits, so it is not assured to be the fastest just because they are on the cloud.

So well, that is why plans revolve on TORRENT SIZE! (Good luck having other torrent providers that will effectively download those monstrous 2 TB torrents… others won’t say, but just don’t let you download stuff over 150 GB!) WE know that specifying up front what you can do lets you plan effectively.

So go wild, go after the big game, we got your back!

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