Update March 2017

We welcome all our new premium users!

Performance is key for a great experience, and in our efforts to have the fastest downloads for everyone, we have updated the servers, please bear with us if there are some small quirks, but be sure to report them. We answer all requests and keep a list of what is the things you want!

Also, in our development sector, we have new functionality!

WebDAV has been added. We know some sites have a bit of problems and may not work directly, but we will continue to strive to removeĀ all the small incompatibilities.

FTP has been updated to manage a new type of server. As all FTP servers are different, and the standards are not precise on how to display folders, sometimes a different one will not show folders and will not work. If that is the case, send us the FTP server that has problems and we’ll see that it works!

MEGA.nz is NOW available for direct cloud downloading! It works extremely fast and Mega offers free 50 GB for all users.

In our development queue we have:



NZB downloading (Download from Usenet!)

If you have any other suggestions, send us a comment and we’ll work it in as soon as possible!