So, which Button should I use?

So it can be a bit confusing to see may fields and buttons, but it really is very simple, just follow the next guide:

  • You have a Magnet Link
  • An link to a torrent file
  • A link to a webpage which has Magnet links or Torrent files

Paste it to the first field and press the ‘Magnet or URL of Torrent button.

If you have:

  • A torrent file

Press the ‘Choose File’ button, select the torrent file, then press the ‘Upload Torrent File’ button.

If you have:

  • A link to a website with direct link to many files.
  • A link to an ‘Index of’ page.

Enter it on the third field and press the ‘Web URL’. The website will try to download all files on that page and save it to a folder with the name of the site. Please avoid entering top level URLs, as it will try downloading everything on the website and will likely fail.

And if you have:

  • A link to a Video file
  • A link to a YouTube video
  • A link to other video hosting site

Put the link on the fourth field and press the ‘Video URL’ button. Our website will try to detect the video file and download it to a handy file you can save or transfer to your cloud drive.