How to Download with a Magnet Link on TransferCloud

So you found some nice thing to download, and it’s offered via Bittorrent, and they give you some .torrent files, say, like these:

Linux Torrent
Linux Torrent

Well, you can do two things here, either:

  • Right-Click on the .torrent file and select ‘Copy Link Address’
  • Click on the torrent file, and it will download the .torrent file to your computer.

If you copied the address to you clipboard, you just paste it here:

Paste Link Here

And click on the immediate left button: “Magnet or Link of Torrent”.

But if you downloaded the .torrent, and want to use that, you got to upload the file.

So, click on this this button:

Click 'choose file' button

Select the torrent from where it was downloaded:

Choose File

And press the immediate left button: “Upload Torrent File”.

Sometimes, some links seem to point to the torrent file, but they do not. Or it has some type of DDoS proteccion and it checks your browser first, so in those cases it’s most probably going to work only with the second method.

And that’s it! Wait for it to download and transferred to your Cloud Drive.

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