‘Progress’ Update

One of the most important indicators of activity happening is the ‘Progress’ indicator, which marks how far something has happened.

In our website, the ‘Progress’ column is updated in two cases: How far the files have been downloaded, and how much has those files been uploaded to the cloud drive. This can be seen depending on the ‘status’ of the download.

So, if you download directly to the server local space, it is straightforward: Progress climbs from 0% to 100%.

But if the file is se to be uploaded, the status changes from ‘Downloading’ to ‘Transferring’, where the Progress resets to 0% and begins climbing again to 100%.

But, there are some cases when the server cannot accurately describe the Progress in percentages because it does not know the total file size. In this case, the progress report shows the total size downloaded to the moment.

We previously had different way of counting progress, where it could go beyond 100%, because the cloud drive had rejected a piece of the upload and did a retry. We decided this became confusing to users, so we reverted to just an absolute percentage. Also, there are some edge cases where calculations if file size might be off, and uploads finish with 99%. This does not mean the file was truncated at the last piece, just that a rounding error might have occurred. We have fixed it to some extent, so this is pretty rare now.

If you see incorrect or confusing progress status on finished downloads please contact support.