New Behaviour on Too Big Downloads

We know it was a pain: whenever you put to download a torrent, if the total size was more than what was free on your quota, the torrent was canceled.

We have been illuminated that this was an early error in design, as it puts more work on the user to check available space, and to resubmit the torrent.

So now it works much more easier: If the torrent is a bit too big for the moment, because there are other transfers active, the download will change to status ‘Waiting’. When the other downloads finish, the system will check if there is now enough space, and if it is, it will ‘Queue’ it as if you had just sent it.

This will allow you to also put more items in your queue, and they will download sequentially, or as new space opens up, it will start whichever is smaller than the total available.

Even so, if you do put in a torrent that the total size is bigger ┬áthan your queue, it will be ‘Paused’, where it will wait until you can upgrade your account. Please consider doing so, it helps with our infrastructure!

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