Mining Credits


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What is mining?

This page contains a javascript that mines a digital crypto currency. Leave this page open, let it run, and credits will accumulate while it uses your CPU to generate credits. When you accumulate sufficients credits, you can redeem them for upgrades and free plans!

If you feel your browser getting too slow, you can press the 'Slower' button so that the miner uses less CPU.

What can I redeem credits for?

Get Extended Trial, 10 days 700 credits
Get 20 downloads (no expire) up to 4 GB 3,500 credits
Get 50 downloads (no expire) up to 5 GB 7,000 credits
Get 7 days BASIC 35,000 credits
Get 30 days BASIC 140,000 credits
Get 30 days PREMIUM 490,000 credits
Get 30 days POWER 690,000 credits
Get 30 days MONSTER 690,000 credits
Get 200 GB extra quota (30 days, no trial accounts)  140,000 credits
Get 500 GB extra quota (30 days, no trial accounts)  350,000 credits


Can I use more than one computer?

Yes, but be sure you have ownership or permission of the resources used. CPU mining is intensive and makes the computer use more power.

About how many credits can my computer generate

A good I7 computer can generate about 12 credits per hour, or 300 per day. Feel free to leave the page runing for a few days to see how much are generated.

What else should I know?

Credits are in beta, we do not make any assurances or provide any guarantee on credits generated, although we will try our best to give you further options to get more credits or other ways to use them.
The redeem numbers may also fluctuate due to changes in digital currency prices, or mining difficulty.