Torrent Sites to Get Magnet Links and Torrent Files

Searching for a torrent site on Google can often be a tricky business! The search engine tends to hide these sites under an array of garish ads that might trick you in to clicking them before taking you on a wild goose chase. There are still some good torrenting resources out there though that have withstood the pounding waves of time and are packed with high quality and verified torrents.

  1. The Pirate Bay — The Most Well-Established Torrent Site
    The Pirate Bay is one of the world’s most popular torrent sites, with up to 60 million unique visitors per month. It is available in 35 different languages and has been recognized by industry experts as the best torrent site since 2018. Even though it endured a brief shutdown in early 2020, it has continued to thrive and avoided numerous takedown attemp ts over its 13-year existence. The exact number of torrenting files on the site is estimated to be at least 3 billion.
  2. RARBG — Verifies All Torrents to Ensure High Quality
    Verified torrents are a goldmine for movie and TV series enthusiasts. That’s because high-quality torrents are good as they eliminate all the spammy ones and also make sure of their legality so you don’t risk getting into any legal trouble down the line. However, while getting convenient access to your favorite movies is fun, it also means that RARBG is smaller in size than other sites with large libraries, despite frequent updates.
  3. 1337x — Huge Torrent Library With Great Variety
    1337x is a famous torrent website run by a big community of users. It has millions of visitors each month who can search for and find thousands of high quality torrents. Its catalogue includes both movie, TV shows, and music torrents to games as well. It has been around for a long time, so the majority of its content is regularly updated every few hours.
  4. YTS — Best Torrent Site for High-Quality Movies
    YTS (sometimes known as YIFY) is arguably the best torrent website for high-quality movies, with over 75 million users worldwide. Over 30,000 movies and TV shows are on offer, including English, Spanish and German content. More than 4500 of these titles contain subtitles in a multitude of languages – from Danish to Portuguese to Finnish -and all of them destined for 1080p viewing.
  5. Torrentz2 — Optimized Torrent Search Engine With a Focus on Music
    Torrentz2 (formerly known as Torrentz) is a torrent search engine that has access to over 90 torrent download sites. From your search results, you can access the official site of your chosen source and proceed to download your file directly via their magnet link. If you’re unable to find anything on one site, don’t stress; simply use the next one on your list.
  6. EZTV — Great Torrent Site for TV Shows
    EZTV might not have the most extensive library, but it’s a real treasure to those who love TV shows, especially newer ones. While The Pirate Bay and 1337x have more to offer in terms of quantity, EZTV offers what most people are interested in when looking for a copy online – new episodes of shows that air on TV. It has all the top titles, with more classic content than recent stuff and a convenient live countdown list which allows users to see exactly how many hours or days there are till a new episode is aired!
  7. Limetorrents — Huge Torrent Library With Tons of Variety
    LimeTorrents boasts a massive library with over 10 million torrent files across all media types and attracts more than 20 million users every month. You won’t be disappointed with searches because they always yield plenty of results! The site even has a larger file library than the Pirate Bay – which is impressive!
  8. Zooqle — User-Friendly Interface and an Extensive Torrent Library
    Zooqle is a new torrent site that boasts excellent functionality and an extensive library with more than enough quality torrents for the average user. The site is perfect for diversifying one’s torrent source, giving it multiple sources so as to ensure there’s always something of value for the majority of users, which is particularly useful if a primary or preferred torrent source experiences downtime.
  9. Demonoid — Well-Established Torrent Site With Many Media Types
    Demonoid is one of the longest running torrent sites online. They’ve made it through torrent site war after torrent site war over the past five years and now boast over a million members and 10 million torrents. Despite recent trials, they continue to stand strong as a go-to community for any kind of video that you’re looking for – including movies, TV shows, anime, music videos and anything in between!
  10. – Asian Content is a specialist site for accessing and downloading Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean content. Its main focus is anime series, but they also have music and software downloadable as well. This site serves as a resurrection of the original torrent site NYAA where we originally downloaded a lot of anime years ago!