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Transfer files from Links, Torrents, Magnets or other sources directly to your Cloud account (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, OneDrive), or download and stream securely to your computer.

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  • - You can download any amount of files less than 1.5 GB!
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    Easy to use, available on all web browsers and mobile devices.


    All files are kept private, only you can see and access them. Files are downloaded on the cloud by the server, your computer and IP address are not registered during download.

Transfer files directly to the cloud,
even when you are offline!

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Honest pricing. No surprises. No contract. No risk. On-demand renewals available.Register and download for FREE. Then you can select from:



$ 4.99
  • 1 Concurrent Download
  • 2 Queue Slots
  • Up to 50 GB space/max torrent size
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads!
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$ 9.99
  • 5 Concurrent Downloads
  • 10 Queue Slots
  • Up to 200 GB space/max torrent size
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads!
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Power / Monster


$ 15.99
  • 10 Concurrent Downloads
  • Unlimited Queue!
  • Up to 500 GB space/max torrent size
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads!
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See PRICING for more plans.


Yes! Just register and validate your email, and then you can download the files to a free 1.5 GB space.

You can then transfer them to your personal cloud space automatically.

Yes! Paste an URL, and all files and subdirectories will be downloaded, up to your free space!

Server first makes a list of all files and the total file size. This should be less than the free available storage space you have available.

Then it downloads all files to the server, keeping a copy of html files, images, zip files, media files. Then all these files are transferred to your cloud.

You can leave a transfer downloading for as long as it needs to download. If it has very few seeders, it may take a long time, or if none are available, it may get stuck forever. You can cancel and add another one that has more active seeders

Be sure to have free server space available for the size you want to download. If it is queued and there are too many active torrents, it will be cancelled. But remember, it's only for active torrents. If you transfer your files to your cloud, that space will be freed for other queued items.

Please contact us, we can provide custom plans, bigger spaces, and even provide a full dedicated server for more powerful downloading!